You know an NFT collection is what you want, but you don’t know how to go about it?

It’s your lucky day — NFTs are our specialty! We will make an NFT collection for you or your brand and cover everything from smart contracts, Web3 integration, IPFS, Discord setup, and artwork, and we will be with you well beyond your mint day.

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A new paradigm for brand loyalty

Big brands like Nike, Adidas, and McLaren are already doing it and have their NFT collections. Ever wondered why? The NFTs help you build a community of people that love your products and turn your customers into fantastic brand ambassadors. Discord is the place to be, 9–5 customer support and chatbots are a thing of the past.

NFTs will make your customers feel special like never before

NFTs help you build a vibrant community of your biggest fans worldwide, a global community that never sleeps. This new paradigm in brand-to-consumer communication enables your customers to be a part of your brand like never before. On the other hand, your brand will also be a part of your customers’ lives like never before.

The communities built using NFTs as a foundation will give rise to more ideas coming directly from the customers, new products, and faster-moving companies.

The NFTs will make your customers feel like they are a part of your brand, feel they truly matter, and that their voices are heard. And the brands that do this and give this experience to their customers will thrive and win against the brands that do business in a traditional way.

All the things you do not have to worry about

Making an NFT collection requires all sorts of technologies and specialists but none of that should worry you. So instead, here’s a brief description of everything we will do to make your NFT collection.


Artwork and multimedia

We begin with your NFT collection artwork or multimedia. If you already have it — great. If not, our artists will create it for you. But, if we are doing it for you, we embark on a creative journey to discover what your NFTs represent and determine their metadata traits.


Discord server, Allowlist, and the mint strategy

We will create, set up, and fully configure your Discord server so you can start building your community — and we will do this as soon as we start working on your collection because building a community takes time.
The Discord server setup includes the configuration of the most popular bots you will need and the configuration of your Discord roles and channels. If you plan on using an allowlist for your mint, we will set up a Premint page for your collection so that people can signup right from the start.



While the artwork creation is in progress, we work with you to discover and define the utility of your NFTs — or in other words, what does it do, what does it mean for the holder, and what benefits your NFT brings to the holder.

To give you a few examples, an NFT from your collection can provide VIP access to your club; you can give it as a reward to your gym members; you can reward your most loyal customers; you can publish your new album as an NFT or something completely different. The possibilities are endless.


Smart Contract

With the utility of your NFTs defined, we can begin engineering your NFT collection smart contract. The smart contract is the core of your NFT collection. It is a piece of software that handles payments/sales and the creation (minting) of NFTs in your collection.



Your collection needs a unique website that enables your customers to buy your NFTs. We will build a beautiful website that features your NFTs’ artwork, music, or other multimedia.

As a part of this stage, we integrate all required Web3 features — such as “Connect wallet” and “Mint” functions — but it does not end there — your website will be fully integrated with the blockchain to provide a world-class NFT experience to your customers.


IPFS and Metadata integration

NFTs and the blockchain are all about decentralization. That means that the NFT artwork or media files are not stored on a centralized Cloud server but rather on a decentralized storage network — more commonly known as the InterPlanetary File System.

At this stage, we will set up, configure, and integrate IPFS with your collections’ smart contract and website.


OpenSea and LooksRare marketplace setup

When the mint day comes, we will configure your NFT collection page on the most popular NFT marketplaces.

Too many questions? Not sure where to even begin?

Don’t worry. As a company, we are the most passionate about blockchain and NFTs. While we work on your collection, it will be a pleasure to both educate and inform you, as well as answer all the questions you might have. We will share everything we know with you.

All you have to do is tell us if you like the artwork

That’s pretty much it. Once we define the utility of your NFTs, the only thing left for you to do is to tell us if you like what you see. You can spend all your time with your community and no time worrying about the technology and the progress of work on making your NFT collection.

Our 100% risk-free guarantee: From 0 to mint day in as little as 3 months

Once the artwork and the website design are ready, assuming a standard utility scope, we will get your brand’s NFT collection to the mint day in 3 months or less — or we will give you your money back!

NFTs are the future

You are right. Blockchain and NFTs are so much more than jpegs and Ponzi schemes. If you can see beyond the noise, you understand that the blockchain today is where the Internet was in the 1990s, and the worst move you can make would be to ignore it. If you think about the future, you should think of blockchain, and the time to act is NOW.

The NFT and blockchain projects are in really high demand right now, so schedule a call with us this second, and let’s start working.

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